Yahoo Japan Launches Gaming Platform That Bypasses App Stores

Yahoo Japan Launches Gaming Platform That Bypasses App Stores

Yahoo Japan Corp one of the leading website on the internet and Japan’s second most popular website have announced a new Gaming Platform called GamePlus which is web based and totally built on HTLM5. This offers title through Cloud based services. They have been partner shipped with more than 52 Game Publisher named  Koei Tecmo Holdings Co. and Square Enix Holdings and Co.they are going to offer new titles and going to re-release some games in this platform such as Final Fantasy X.

Yahoo Japan joins with some Biggest brands like Facebook, Tencent Holdings, and Rakuten Inc. The goal of the platform is to play games without downloading them, that will be useful in a lot of situations, online casinos will greatly benefit from this platform.

At Starting Point, They have an initial lineup with few casual games like Cosmic Pop, and retro outing games like 1985 MSX Title eggy, While it’s Console come up with Square Enix like Thr Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII. The Console’s like Square Enix will require One Time payment while There are many of the Games will be offered free to play with In-App Purchases.

They also focused female players by creating some titles majorly focusing on them as it is totally cloud and stream based there is a chance that it may appeal many hard core gamers to this platform.

Well, There is no doubt that it will be going to help in Growing Yahoo’s Japan Audience, Which has been Increased since dividing from former parent Yahoo Inc. After all, Yahoo’s search engine is the Second most famous search Engine after Google and Approximately used by a Third of Japan’s Population. A Research said that Japanese Gamers can spend around $960Bn this year on Mobile Gaming so this can be a Good thing that this firm will grow and Earns Revenues as well.

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