Xbox 2: Console to Come Up with Customized Cases?

Owned by Microsoft, Xbox is known as one of the first-rate consoles among its competitors, the first ever console by Microsoft had hit the gaming world back in 2001 when less number of people were aware of the concept of consoles. Since then the company has delivered three more consoles Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One S and the users well received each one of them. The future gaming console by Microsoft has been making a lot of headlines these days, and people are quite interested in knowing how the consoles would look like or the kind of features it would sport. Therefore, the gaming fanatics is anxiously waiting for the console to launch, The release date for Xbox 2 has not been announced until now, but there are high chances that it may get initiated in November this year. The outlook and the design of Xbox 2 are surely going to be quite striking, and reports have stated that the next console by Microsoft is going to come up with customized cases. The face plates of the Xbox 360 can be modified, and even the cases for Xbox 2 can be redesigned with lights of various colors. This speculation has already excited the fanatics, and now they have started thinking how to customize the cases when they get their hands on the Xbox 2.

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Many people already know that the future gaming console by Microsoft is going to be 4K compatible as the players will be able to utilize the joy of 4K gaming, so let’s hope for the best so that the developers introduces this feature to the Xbox 2. The Xbox 2 being VR compatible is also another rumor which is doing the rounds lately. Therefore the gamers are expecting a lot more from the upcoming console in the Xbox series.

The storage capacity of any console is another factor which attracts the players and some you might surely want to know how much amount of storage the Xbox 2 might come up with. And some of the sources have reported about this as well, and it has been stated that console has chances of delivering three new variants with different storage capacities. One will be of 500 GB, the other would sport storage of 1 TB, and another may come with a massive 2 TB storage capacity.

Backward compatibility feature is quite common in a console developed by Microsoft, and this time also it can be seen in the Xbox 2 as reports highlighted that Microsoft is not planning on discarding this feature from the upcoming gaming console in the Xbox series.

Even the controller of the next console is no more going to be a boring black one because it seems that the players will be able to customize the drivers as well. It surely sounds interesting, and the buyers won’t even think once before buying the Xbox 2.

However, the forthcoming console by Microsoft will turn out to be overwhelming for the players.

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