What is VoLTE? Can We change LTE Smartphone to VoLTE

Reliance smashed Indian Telecommunication Market with Launching JIO. The year 2016-17 can be the Golden year for Indian Telecom Industry. Reliance JIO provided free internet and Voice Calling more than seven months and Now it’s providing it at cheapest rates in India. Have you ever wondered how he could give the internet in this much Cheaper Price? And it’s okay with the Internet but How can he Provide Voice calling like almost Free? So Geeks in This post I am going to Explain all your Queries Related to Reliance JIO and VoLTE Technology.

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Reliance, Which is one of the Biggest Firm in India has Smashed Telecommunication Market with Launching JIO. Reliance JIO works on the Technology of VoLTE. By Using this technology, JIO can provide internet and call at such a cheaper price.

Below in the post, I have explained all the Queries related to VoLTE Technology. Hope This guide will be helpful for you 😉

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) network. IMS mainly uses for Voice Calling over the Network of LTE.

In the manner of Network Bands, VoLTE is the Latest Technology which allows High-Speed Internet and Voice Calling over LTE Network. VoLTE is the Extracted part of LTE, As it has a High-speed Internet Connection as well as much better network Strength. VoLTE stands for a Voice Over Long Term Evolution.

4G LTE was founded in 2008 When it was launched it just only have the ability of High-speed Internet. After some modification the New version of 4G, VoLTE launched. VoLTE network has a much better Network strength than LTE, and in VoLTE you can also make calls with Mobile Data.

How 4G VoLTE Differs with 2G or 3G Network?

So this is the very common question among the users of Reliance JIO nowadays. The Reason is just only JIO, and It’s free calls ;).

For connecting a call in 2G or a 3G Network, it needs to make a circuit switch. The maximum time the circuit will be completed the call will be connected, and after breaking the circuit, the call hangs Up. This is the simple science uses for making a VoLTE or an HD call, and that’s how Reliance JIO providing almost free calls 🙂

On Other Hands, As we use Internet Data for Browsing Internet, In VoLTE you can make call’s with that 😉

Is it Possible to Change LTE to VoLTE?

Well, Technically Yes. It is possible to change a device from LTE to VoLTE but in some situation. Changing a smartphone from LTE to VoLTE is depends on the device you use.

It’s impossible to change all LTE device to VoLTE, but Some device can change to VoLTE with making some tweaks and Firmware changes. Below I have explained in details which may surely help you to understand 😉

The Handset You Use

There two types of 4G handsets Available

Type 1: Those 4G Handsets which are capable of Using Data and Calling at the same time over LTE Network.

Type 2: Which are only capable of Using the Internet Over LTE Network.

Type 1 Handsets are implemented with IR.92 and IR.94 Standards which shows that these handsets can support VoLTE Network Technology.

Type 2 Handsets could prefer as “Data Only” LTE Smartphone. All of these smartphones can be only able to use LTE data for Browsing internet. But some of the handsets can support VoLTE after implementing some Kernel or Firmware changes.

Guys, It’s not possible to make changes in all smartphones to make them VoLTE but some Tweaks and firmware change may help you, but they can damage your smartphones as well.

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