Wanna Bet Online? Here is all you want to know about Online Casinos

The first step in deciding which online casino to play at is to define your gaming purpose.  In his monumental book about business in the 1960’s called Up the Organization, Robert Townsend said that any business has to define exactly what it is.  As the new President of Avis Rent a Car (and earning only $35,000 a year!), Townsend defined the company as renting cars without drivers.  By defining the company in that way, Townsend sold off a limousine service.

As casino gamers, you might be looking to enjoy a Vegas casino experience online.  Or, you might be the type of gamer who goes to a land-based casino occasionally but isn’t especially enamored of playing casino games at home.  If you’re in that latter group, you don’t need an online casino.  So, this article will speak to the former group which may or may not go to land-based casinos but definitely does want to play casino games online.

Customer Service

We put this first.  Call the casino; write to them at their email address.  Talk through chat.  If they are competent in customer service, they will likely be able to handle any questions or difficulties you might have later on.  If they respond slowly or not at all…well, there are thousands of online casinos.  Look elsewhere.


All online casinos have some kind of welcome package.  The key here is the size of the first deposit bonus.  The percentage for the first deposit bonus should be high enough to give you a big start playing using the casino’s money.

Another aspect of bonuses is the playthrough requirement.  This means that the casino requires you to play a sizable factor of the bonus before you can withdraw money.  This protects the casino against players who might take their bonus and run.  The point is that some online casinos require players bet on the order of 50 to 60 times the bonus whilst others require only 35 to 45 times the bonus.  Those percentage differences are huge.

Instant Play

Technology has improved so much that it is probably no longer necessary to download a casino to your hard drive.  You need that hard drive space for other things such as movies, music, and work product. 

Instant Play platforms allow you to play at a number of casinos.  The advantage here is that there a lot of great casinos and over 150 game providers.  By accessing Instant Play, you can get the best the entire online casino market has to offer.

Multiple Providers

Whilst you can play games from many different providers through Instant Play, it’s also a great benefit to be playing at a casino that carries games from a number of providers.

Every provider has its own niche.  Some emphasize slots whilst others work hard to make table games come alive.  A casino that gives you more options is a boon to your gaming fun.

Modern Software

Computer software improves so fast that we often feel that we need a new device even a few months after we last “upgraded”.  In the world of online casinos, some are already close to twenty years old.  As good as they are—and they have to be good to have lasted this long—it costs money to upgrade software.  It’s very important to make sure that a casino that has caught your eye is using the most modern software.

Software includes Instant Play, mobile, Live Casino, and more.


These days, more online casino gaming is done on mobile platforms than on desktop platforms.  A top casino has both platforms and has one account for the two together.  Having one account is important in tournaments, in promotions, and in betting to complete your playthrough requirement from bonuses.


Top online casinos have promotions every day of the week.  They award you for opening the casino even if you aren’t planning on playing.  For example, you should be able to accept a bonus on your birthday even if your significant other has a full day of fun activities planned.

It might surprise you how many high rollers there are playing at online casinos.  a top casino has a special VIP Club where high rollers get a bit pampered.  Other promotions might offer top gifts to average players.

The most extensive promotion is called the Loyalty Club or some derivation thereof.  All bets get turned into points which you can redeem later on.


The key element in tournaments is that they are designed specifically for fun play rather than big jackpots.  The entry fees are most often zero; where there is an entry fee it is usually very small.  Prizes are also small.  The point behind tournaments is that many gamers just like to play without thinking too much about the ultimate bottom line.


Online casinos handle large amounts of money every day.  Money comes in and money goes out.  An online casino has to have a solid encryption protocol to protect your money.  They should tell you so on the home page.  Usually, they tell you at the bottom of the home page.  If you don’t see any reference to encryption on the home page, even a call to customer service wouldn’t give us the confidence to play there.

Easy to Read

It never ceases to amaze us how difficult it is to read some online casinos.  We don’t like long sentence lines.  We need a solid contrast in colors between the letters and the background.  We need a font that’s big enough for even older players to read easily.


People play online casino games because they like the diversion.  If you like these games, there are thousands of online casinos to choose from.  Follow our advice and you’ll end up playing at a top-notch casino.

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