Things to consider before buying an AC

We are back there again, the summer powered by the sun’s intense heat starts troubling us all with ample amount of heat. Every year, the statistic states that this Summer is going to be the hottest yet, but we fail to imagine how was it the previous year. Well, ACs have become a much-required option in places where the temperature is rapidly increasing, and normal fans with its limitations cannot satisfy us humans.

Buying an AC is not a simple job. It involves a lot of research on what type of AC you need as well as the company and brand that you ought to choose. Since its inception, ACs have changed a lot; companies are growing, new features are added based on the consumers and various types of ACs ranging from window to split ACs have come into being. ACs are on sale when bought during the winter season but what’s the point of buying it then? None right?  So here are a few points or things you need to consider when you are about to buy an AC for your home.

Few Factors to consider while buying an Air Conditioner:

Location:  Choose the appropriate location where you are planning to install your AC. If your room is somewhere close to the kitchen, then you should be looking for ACs that provide high capacity. Do not keep the AC exposed to the sun which can often lead to your AC turning on and off without control.
Depending upon the size of your room, you will need to invest in differing AC capacity. If your room is very big and you did not invest in a bigger capacity AC, your AC will not be able to provide proper dehumidification, while a too small AC will cost you more by consuming a huge amount of electricity.

Choose between the type of ACs:  Well, a lot will depend on the type of air conditioner you want in your room.
Another deciding factor when you choose your AC is the type of AC that you choose. You need an AC that suits your environment and the amount of space you have in your room. Window ACs are cheap and easy to install, but the split ACs (Wall mount) are quieter and provide high-quality air.

There are portable ones which can be moved from one place with the help of wheels attached to it. Unlike the other ACs that I mentioned, this one will not give cool breeze to all the people in the room.

Energy Star rating:  ACs need to meet the government regulation policies. In India, ACs must not be less than 10% energy proficient.
If you need to curb your electricity tariffs then buying an energy efficiency ratings (EER) air conditioner can help you with it. EER is standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Air conditioner with more ratings will consume less electricity.

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Consider exclusive features: Yes, not all ACs offer you the same features. Each have has some uniqueness affiliated with it.
With the rapid demand for ACs, companies are putting their full efforts to satisfy the customers. For eg, some ACs come with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth facility.

Be open to advice and reviews: This is a crucial factor when considering which AC to buy. All you need to do is ask the people who are already using the same type of AC.
Read reviews and be open to suggestions on the best available AC in your region.  Have a clear idea about the AC you are looking for so that you can read the reviews online from leading e-commerce sites or tech blogs.

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After sale services: Another critical factor to consider is to check on the after sale service provided by the company that you are planning to buy the AC from.
Look for the brand that provide convenient service and covers the routine checkups expense for at least a year. DialJordan provide a ton list of ac repair services in bangalore provider.

How to install?: Well, since you have done all the permutations and combinations of getting the best AC that suits your needs. Now is the time to actually set up your AC.
I suggest you not to choose a retailer that offers you free installation. Also, remember that just a single person cannot install an AC.  Just bought a new AC and finding it hard to install your AC? Is your seller not helping you with the installation?
Take help from Dialjordan, the fastest growing search engine which helps you to find the best AC repair and services in your location.

Dialjordan acts as a platform to gain OTP exclusive leads which provides direct contact between the consumer and the business. The customer is provided with the the list of merchants who satisfies the requirement of being within 2kms of range from the location of the request. So go on and get the best AC for this summer. If you have any suggestions regarding the things which should be considered before buying an AC, mention it in the comments section below.

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