The Vacation SUV: Infiniti QX60

Are you looking for a perfect car to enjoy a vacation with your family? Then the new QX60 SUV is a perfect choice. Though it features some of the QX50’s options, it still serves to be the one for your family. As far as space is concerned it stays ahead of it’s rivals. Comfortable seats which are spacious enough makes it a default option for most customers. Added features and enhanced technology invites us to go in for a test drive. It has all the features required for a your family be it small or big.

QX60 Engine and Performance

It gives a very decent performance. This car houses a 3.5litre V6 that gives you a horsepower of 295. It offers a mileage of 20 mpg in city and 27 mpg in highway. There remains to be a mixed opinion about the control. However there isn’t any sharpness in steering and control. It has good fuel economy and remains to be one step ahead of it’s competitors. It also has a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).


QX60 is a 7 Person Car

The suv has enough space for accommodating seven person. As it’s previous models the second row is spacious enough for adults. It has an enormous cargo space of upto 15.9 cubic feet. When folded down it gives you a space of about 75.8 cubic feet. Fully furnished QX60 with upholstery leather gives you a luxurious look.  It has been given a good rating by Insurance institute for Highway Safety. It is manufactured with high class materials on the interior which induces maple inlays, standard leather and some plastic.  Some of it’s other features are

Infotainment system with an 8 inch display screen.

  • A Bose surround sound system
  • Smartphone integration
  • USB ports
  • Bluetooth connectivity


Enjoy the Good Welcome by QX60

When looking at it’s exterior it gives you the simple but a extravagant look. The designers have done a good job in hiding it’s weight externally. It carries a side back that is crescend shaped. It also has beautiful headlights and has given up on the philtrium. The headlights which are basically LED has been made to last during day time as well.  The rear tinted windows gives you protection from the sun. It provides silence and calmness to it’s passengers. The SUV hoping to give you a good welcome into the car has placed illuminating door handles. Some of the accessories offered by the infiniti are,

  • Floor mats that is water resistant to protect your floor.
  • Splash guards to restrict water from reaching the lower panels.
  • Roof rail cross bars

The 20 inch tires and wheels package cost upto $ 20,000. Other than that the already existing wheels with 15 spoke made up of alminium and alloy has given it the style and luxurious look.

Keep Track of everything in QX60

It carries along a four year warranty/ 60,000 mile and 6 year warranty/70,000 mile. As per their Insurance institute for Highway Safety it has made it to the top in every crash test. The frontal and rollover test has earned it a top ratings as well.  It has a powerful rearview cameras. Forward emergency brakes, around view monitor, blind spot intervention, backup collision intervention, airbags are some of it’s features that ensure your safety and that of your family’s.

QX60: Reliable Car

Good fuel efficiency and reliable safety makes you enjoy your ride with your family to the fullest.  Though it is good in safety and has excellent infotainment system, everything ultimately adds up to it’s price. Starting from $ 44,295 it gives multiple options and attractive colours to choose from. Though it has inherited some of Nissan Pathfinder’s features, it has managed to maintain it’s uniqueness.

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