How to Solve the Issue of Error 651 in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
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How to Solve the Issue of Error 651 in Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10

How to Solve the Issue of Error 651 in Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10

Probably, If you are using Windows Operating System and uses the internet then you have faced this issue Error 651. This problem usually faced by those users who have recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. It is just a Registry issue which stops you to connect to the internet.

Well, this is not an issue for what you have to worry. You can tackle it easily by following some steps. But before proceeding to the solution, let me tell you why this issue occurs. Also, at the end of the article, you can solve this “connection failed with error 651” issue.

Why and When this Error 651 Occurs-

The full syntax of error shows something like this ‘Connections failed with error 651’, Which indicates that it is a network connection based error.

Well, this error commonly occurs while you try to establish an internet connection using a PPPoE network. Below are some of the reasons mentioned why this error occurs.

  • Conflict IP Address
  • sys file has been saved in the wrong directory.
  • Registry Errors.

So, These were the reasons why this Error 651 occurs but what about the solution of this error. Well, there is not an official solution available for this error. But because of some troubleshooting methods (which have been worked for many users), you can resolve this issue. Below I have mentioned some of the best methods for you which will help you in resolving this issue.


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How to Solve Error 651 issue on Windows 8.1/10

Well, there are several methods available for solving this Error. I have added all of those on this list.

Well, I am assuming that if you have faced this issue, you must have rebooted your Windows Device and that connection device(Router or whatever you are using). But if you haven’t done it yet, do it first and check if the problem has been resolved. But if that problem will not solve after that, start trying the solutions available in the list below.

  1. Reset TCP/IP on your Windows PC

Resetting the networking stack of Windows PC can help in solving the Error 651. You just have to follow the steps, and that’s it.

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Type the Exact Same command Given below and Press Enter.

netsh int ip reset reset.log

  • Once Done, Simply Restart your computer that is that Issue still available.
  1. By Disabling the Auto Tuning Feature

Disabling the Auto Tuning feature can help you in solving this Connection issue. Just follow the steps given below, and that’s it. Hopefully, This action will resolve your error.

  • Open the Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Type the Same command and Hit Enter. (You can copy it too. 😉 )

netsh interface TCP set global autotuning=disabled

  • Now merely Restart your Computer and After that try to connect your Internet connection.


  1. Reinstall Network Adapter

Reinstalling Network Adapter is one of the best troubleshooting methods when it comes to an Internet connection. This method will solve many of your Connection related issues, and Maybe It will also resolve this Error 651 problem for you. Below is the most straightforward guide on How you can Reinstall Network Adapters on your Windows PC. Simply follow that guide. 😉

  • Start Run. (You can press Windows Key+R for opening it Instantly.)
  • Now Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter and It will open Device Manager.
  • Find Network Adapters there and Double click on it to open its sub-parts and Start Un-Installing, its drivers.

connection failed with error 651

  • Now Restart your Computer.

Don’t worry about Installing adapters again. Windows will Automatically Install drivers after successfully starting your Computer. This method works most of the time and Can help you on many issues related to Connections. Hopefully, This will solve this problem too. 😉


  1. By Performing a Clean Boot

If this issue has occurred because of any Windows Services then Performing a Clean Boot will surely help you in Solving the issue of Error 651.  Follow the steps provided below to perform the Clean Boot.

  • Start Run by merely pressing Windows and R key together.
  • In the Run Box Simply Type this MSCONFIG and Hit Enter.

connection failed with error 651

  • Here you have to click on Boot Tab and uncheck the box of Safe Boot.

connection failed with error 651

  • Now Click on General Tab and Click on ‘Selective Startup’ and Uncheck all the options under it.

connection failed with error 651

  • Now Click on Services and After that Click on Disable All

connection failed with error 651

  • Reboot your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Device.

After that try to make that connection to see that this issue has been solved or not. If that Issue has been resolved then it is good, and It means that An startup app is causing this error but If the issue has not been solved at Simply follow the guide mentioned below for  Normal Booting.

  • Open MSCONFIG Windows again. (As you opened it earlier).
  • Click on General Tab and Select Normal Startup.
  • Now just reboot your Windows Device.
  1. By Updating raspppoe.sys file

This is the last method that you can try for Solving this Error 651. As I mentioned earlier that the “raspppoe.Sys” file could cause this error, Here is a simple guide for you to solve this error. Just follow the guide and Boom, It will resolve that error for sure within some minutes.

  • Simply Open your Computer. (It is named as This PC in Windows 10)
  • Locate the Drive where you have Installed your Windows OS and Open that Drive.
  • Now Locate and Open Windows
  • After Opening the Windows Folder, Locate and Open System 32.
  • And After that Simply find Drivers and Open it.
  • Now Simply locate raspppoe.Sys file and Rename It as raspppoe.sys_backup so after updating the file, you’ll still have it as a Backup. 😉
  • Now Simply Download raspppoe.Sys file from this link and Extract it. After extracting simply copy that file to the folder ‘Driver.’

Once done, Simply Restart your PC, and That’s done. You’ll not face that issue of Error 651 now.

Check this video to solve “Connection failed with Error 651”

Last Words-

Basically “connection failed with error 651” is a modem based error which can be solve using all of the methods shown above. But If you are still getting that issue, then It will be from the side of ISP. Directly contact your Internet Service Provider to fix this issue of Error 651.

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Hope this article will help you in solving Error 651. The guide I provided in this article is pretty easy to follow but If you have any issue regarding this guide, Simply comment below, and Our Team will reply you as soon as possible.

Also, share your feedback in a comment the comment section below and Share the article with your friends.

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