Razer Smartphone Review

Razer Smartphone Review

There are so many brands launching amazing smartphones on daily basis and we just cannot resist falling in love with them but on the other hand, it is a fact that we just can’t afford to buy every single phone out there in the market. It undoubtedly is confusing to pick on any one of the smartphones which are why today here we are with the review of one of the best selling phone, the RAZER Phone which has taken the market by storm since the day it got released. We assure you that after reading this review, your decision of buying the best phone for yourself will be easier and you will definitely thank us for what we are about to tell you.

Razer Smartphone Review

So, guys, start taking notes!

The RAZER smartphone is specifically built for gamers who are literally obsessed with gaming in full volume, the reason we mentioned the word “full volume” is that this phone comes with super speakers which will give you guys the real feel that you have been waiting for. Its design might not impress you that much but when it comes to its features, well we bet that they are unbeatable and unquestionable. The gaming-focused display is going to blow your mind and you are going to get highly impressed by the feels it gives. It is a full power pack with great potential and strength.

It’s silky smooth screen and powerful speakers are a great combination. In short the RAZER phone is focused and specializes in two things, first is its speakers and second is its amazing gaming display. Now, you guys might have so many questions about this phone, whether it is worthy of your money spend or not? Well, the answer is simple and we’ve told you before too that this phone is something that is not made for everybody, it’s more of a gaming phone than a smartphone and the way it has taken the smartphone market by its end is clearly a sign that RAZER is something worthy to be bought.

It comes with a 5.7-inch display which is ideal when it comes to gaming and it has Dolby-Atmos stereo speakers which are world famous for being powerful, 64GB storage which again is the dream for gamers and it comes with an 8GB RAM along with a 40000mAh battery which means it has quite a good run time.

Now, let’s skip towards the actual part which is the Pros and the Cons of RAZER, we know you all have been waiting to know about the goods and the bads of this phone, so here it is;


Plenty of power under the hood
Excellent display quality
Powerful stereo speakers with excellent sound quality


It has no headphone jack
It comes with only a few handful of games
It is a big no when it comes to front and rear camera quality

So, above we have mentioned the top pros and cons to the RAZER smartphone and don’t worry about the cons because you are going to find many in other phones too so it isn’t something new. However, we do suggest you make a decision based on your needs, for example, if you are looking for a phone with amazing camera quality then obviously RAZER isn’t for you but on the other hand, if you want amazing sound and display then it is a total YES!

Razer Smartphone Review

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This is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more reviews to give on phones. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our articles!

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