Matterfall for PS4: Details, review, offers and much more on this newly released blockbuster game

Matterfall for PS4: Details, review, offers and much more on this newly released blockbuster game

Gamers, it’s time for you to rejoice! Another marvel is soon going to be added to your list, as the world famous video game developer, Housemarque has come up with another of its masterpiece. Matterfall, launched this August, is a 2-Dimensional shooter game, set in a futuristic science fiction world. It was released for PS4 and is now available worldwide. Given below is more trivia and information on the game.

Know more about Matterfall

Launched on 16th August, this year, Matterfall was highly anticipated ever since its announcement in October 2015 during Paris Games Week.  The graphics and soundtracks have been specially kept in mind for an outstanding user experience.


If games concerning explosion, survival and destroying hundreds of robots are your niche, then Matterfall is the one that should definitely be on your priority list.

The game is set up in a classic dystopian planet consisting of robots set on a rampage. It basically circles around two kinds of ‘matter’: Red and Blue. The job of the player is to survive the side-scrolling, high-intensity war zones in cities ran by mysterious smart matter. Use alien tech weapons to destroy your enemies infected by the deadly Red Matter and control the Blue one to manipulate the world and make yourself a path.


  • The game is developed by the famous, Housemarque and published by the Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • UPC: 711719862161
  • The game is worldwide launched for the PlayStation 4 platform
  • Released on 15th August’ 17 in the USA and on 16th August’ 17 in the European market

Official Price: Rs. 1,999 ($ 20)

Best Buy on Matterfall

Matterfall on eBay

Originally available at Rs. 1,999 on International stores including other charges, Matterfall is now available on eBay for a mere Rs. 1,490. You can even use these ebay discount coupons to save additional 30% on your purchase. The shipping of the product is free of any shipping charges. The product received 100% reviews and has sold 49% of the stock within a few days of its availability on the store.

Matterfall on Flipkart

After a hefty discount on the game, Matterfall is available on Flipkart at the rate of Rs. 1,499. There are other deals available on the game as well that are selling the product at even discounted rates. The product is again free of any shipping charge. Flipkart also has some bank offers on the product.

Pros and Cons of Matterfall:

Like there are two sides to a coin, there are pros as well as cons to any product. So here we discuss the pros and cons of Matterfall, honestly and without any bias. Check them out below.


  1. As we mentioned earlier, graphics have been very well worked on for Matterfall for ensuring the best gaming experience. The hard work, thus, paid off. The game is dazzling and looks great. It is a sheer joy when played and is nothing short of a treat watching, it unfold.
  2. Mechanics have always been the area of expertise of Housemarque and Matterfall doesn’t disappoint in the arena either. It is action-packed, fast and has an amazing arcade action feeling. Also the 2D platformer genre worked very well for the game.
  3. One thing that was commonly stated in all analysis and reviews concerning Matterfall was that there was hardly any dull and boring moment while playing the game. Even with its cons, Matterfall is very high on thrill and action and keeps your adrenaline rushing throughout.
  4. The most important feature that is definitely going to keep the players hanging is how challenging it is to master. Along with super cool visuals, incredible mechanics, the best part is the unique twists and reflex-testing challenges that are definitely going to make sure to keep the player at the edge of his/her seat.


  1. It’s challenging to master pro can also sometimes turn out to be a con. While, it sets our blood on an adrenaline rush, there is no denying that Matterfall can be hard to master. The control system and the technicalities take awhile to get used to and can be frustrating at some point.
  2. The prominent feeling Matterfall leaves you after the end is the ‘Is that it?’ feeling. It feels like a puzzle but half-solved even after finishing. Unlike most games, after you finish it, it leaves you longing for more but there is virtually no such content on completion.
  3. The scientific fiction setting might seem bland to gamers as the setting is sort of typical like its other contemporaries. As innovative and inventive its visual is, you cannot help but deny that it feels like a déjà vu.

Critical Analysis and Review:

Matterfall was highly anticipated and much awaited ever since its announcement almost two years back. Now that it is finally here, Matterfall has very obviously received positive reviews across all the users as well as critics. Almost all critics have given it a score more than 70% on its performance and even better ratings by the users.

Metacritic, one of the top game reviewers, have given it an average 74 out of 100 based on reviews by top 45 critics, the highest rating being a whopping 90. It was labeled as ‘an absolute gem to play’, ‘satisfying both casual as well as high score chaser players’. Based on user ratings, Matterfall received an 8 rating out of 10.

Another top name for critical analysis of games, VentureBeat, had 80 out of 100 to give to Matterfall. Generally very strict on ratings, an 80 from VentureBeat is more than positive for the game. The critic reviewing the game regarded Matterfall as a ‘challenging and creative take and even due to some cons, hardly ever has a dull moment to offer to its users’.

Our home grown, Gadgets360 by NDTV also reviewed the game and gave it 8 points out of 10. The reviewer found the game ‘interesting, dazzling and very challenging’ and had all good things to say about it. Apart from a few cons mentioned, the review was overall very positive and the game was definitely recommended.


After coming across all the points, features as well as reviews, we have a quite clear outlook on the game. Carrying the legacy of developers as huge as Housemarque and published by the world famous Sony, Matterfall had great expectations to fulfill. A follow-up of previous hit Resogun, Matterfall was as strong as anything and proved to be one of the better of the PS4’s digital exclusives. Keeping aside some cons, which are rather unavoidable for all things, Matterfall is a sure shot recommendation and is definitely worth a try for all gaming enthusiasts.

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