Is your Laptop overheating? 8 Amazing Ways to Fix it!

Utilization of laptops has increased steeply after its commercialization. Because of its structural design, a common problem, which gets on anyone’s nerves, is the laptop’s overheating. Further, warmer climatic conditions may aggravate this issue and hence, considerably affecting the performance of your laptop. A potential benefit of lowering the temperature of the laptop using external gadgets, for you, is the prevention of an unexpected loss of data or shutdown. And, if the temperature is maintained well within the range, a boost in its performance can be assured. I will classify several types of gadgets, differentiating based on their working mechanism, which can resolve the overheating issue flawlessly.

Cooling via external fans

External cooling pads are the most commonly used devices for lowering the temperature of the laptop. In its mechanism, the fan directs the cool air from surrounding into the exhaust vents of the laptop. Being powered from the USB port itself, it eliminates any external source of power. As it takes one USB port, these cooling pads provide an extra USB port to power other electronic devices. Based on the number of fans for cooling, flexibility, and running RPM, following gadgets will help you to understand the basic designs.

 Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad

With five powerful fans running at 1100 RPM, this gadget can considerably reduce your laptop’s temperature. Flexibility in terms of the size of the laptop is available from 14”-17”. Adjustable height and inclination of the device is ergonomically balanced; LEDs power the aesthetics. Due to more number of fans, this device is cumbersome to carry and noisy while working but solves its purpose flawlessly. But, if you are a gamer, the five powerful fans and inclination adjustment are the only features you need for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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 Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad

Now, this device is comparatively compact and lightweight. Though it consists only of a single fan, the cooling efficacy is significant. Although maximum laptop size which can fit correctly is 15.6”, it won’t be a trouble if you have a larger dimensioned laptop. What distinguishes it from the others is the provision of a Rubber grip, which prevents any slipping. Compared to the above-mentioned 5-fan cooling pad, this has the noiseless operation and its sleek design makes this gadget worthy to buy. I will suggest you buy this gadget only if you have a white-collar job since it can fit easily in the laptop bag and has a noiseless working.

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 Cooler Master Comforter Air

Alright, since you have gathered understanding related to external fan-powered cooling pads, let me present you an altogether a unique device in this category. It encompasses a Cushion with a 100mm diameter fan, which clears any overheating of the laptop simultaneously maintaining your comfort level. Compatible with laptops only up to 15.6” is a limitation, but the rest features well to compensate for it. Gadget’s elegant and sturdy design accompanied by a lightweight experience makes it extremely competitive and expensive.

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Cooling via vacuum

The cooling pad, if not chosen wisely, often heats itself quickly. Hence, an interesting and unique way to cool the laptop is by using vacuum fans. These gadgets draw out the hot air through suction and hence giving the laptop’s built-in exhaust fans a relaxation. It ensures that there is no excessive heat affecting the laptop. Also, a temperature display can help monitoring the system’s degree of coolness. However, the precondition is that your laptop needs the outlet vents at its sides. Cost wise, both types of cooling pads sail in the same boat.

 Laptop Cooling Fan by E-PRANCE, Black

Due to the dynamic design of this device, the cooling effect is much stronger than the abovementioned cooling pads. It comes with auto and manual mode for speed adjustment of four 125mm fans with an LED indication of the temperature and wind speed. Weighing less than 150g, it attaches to the laptop with a firm grip through the silicone sleeves and clamps. An aesthetic design and better portability give this gadget an upper hand over the others. Due to its miniature design and efficacy at par with your expectations, I will suggest you buy this gadget, without any reservations.

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 KLIM – Innovative Cooling Design – Gaming Laptop Cooler

This gadget, another variety of above-mentioned device, has an innovative patented design sucking hot air as well as injecting fresh air, with a silent operation. Flexibility in terms of laptop size from 10” to 17” is an added benefit. The feature of auto-detection of overheating adjusts fan’s speed as required, minimizing your effort. Being USB powered, it eliminates any cords or wires. Cooling efficacy is much higher than the external-fan powered cooling pads. Hence, I strongly recommend you to buy one of these.


Cooling mats

An incredible and a novel way to cool the laptop is via a cooling mat. Through the phase change of crystal beads inside the mat, it absorbs the external heat and hence drops the temperature of your laptop. This device assures perfect insulation of your body from the overheating of the laptop. And, its ultra-quiet performance helps this gadget to thrive in the market. But, the cost in is on the higher side because of the raw material used.

 Xcellon ChillPad Laptop Cooling Mat

The thermal-engineered IceBead technology rapidly reduces heat and cools your laptop. When the temperature crosses 25 degree Celsius, internal crystal beads absorb heat and convert into the gel and revert to crystalline form after use. Due to the elimination of the traditional concept of fan
cooling mechanism, this gadget doesn’t need batteries or any external source to power up. It serves laptops up to 15.6” for 8 hours of usage.

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Certain out-of-the-box techniques can heal the overheating problem effectively than the abovementioned techniques. These can have a better heat conductivity than the external air flow or through suction.

 Arctic silver Thermal paste

Note: Only for techies! This thermally-enhanced ceramic particle paste improves particle to particle contact area between the heatsink and the CPU core and hence giving long-term stability. A 3.5-gram syringe contains enough compound to cover at least 15 to 25 small CPU cores, or 6 to 10 large CPU cores, or 2 to 5 heat plates. At a layer 0.003″ thick, the 3.5-gram syringe will cover approximately 16 square inches. This paste is capable of drastically lowering the temperature by 3 to 12 degree Celsius. No above-mentioned method of cooling can beat the effectiveness of this thermal paste.

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 Notebook Buffer Laptop Cushion Pad

This device is imported from the USA, and has a patented design which facilitates the airflow beneath the laptop protecting your bare body and the laptop. Also, it elevates the laptop to shield against liquid spills and can even be used as a cushion in your laptop bag. It effortlessly fits any size of laptops. Being lightweight, it is extremely comforting.

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In a nutshell, all these worth-trying gadgets can resolve the overheating problem concurrently boosting the performance of your laptop. But, comparing them based on the costs and the cooling efficacy, the gadgets with vacuum cooling have an upper hand over the rest.

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