With Gen-X companies like JetSmarter, booking a private jet is just a click away!

Of what use is the technology if it cannot simplify our life.The digital tornado and advancements in technology have innovated everything we use to better standards. Its impact has permeated almost all the spheres of our life.

Of late, we have been hearing a lot about the convenience of booking a cab on Uber. Well, it is not just limited to booking a cab. Owing to the state-of-the-art technology andGen-X companies like JetSmarter, booking a private jet is now just a click away.

The brainchild of CEO Sergey Petrossov, JetSmarterwas founded in 2012. Today, the company has five offices globally and arranges flights within 170 different countries. It strives to ‘build the future of private air travel, so the world can experience aviation as it was meant to be’.

Downloading the company’s app on iOS or Android, you get to avail fantastic deals with an array of traveling options at astonishingly accessible prices. You also get exciting jet deals for last-minute flights in case you’re in a hurry.

The tokens on the JetSmarter app provide the option of free shared flights to the users, on the condition that they can only reserve two flights in advance. Every member gets two tokens to reserve flights. You need to refresh the app as soon as you land, to use the token for your next flight.

Among the exclusive features of the company is JetShuttle, which allows the members to share a chartered aircraft at no additional charge.

At present, JetSmarterconnects travelers to flights in around 50 markets, such as New York, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Atlanta, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Milan and other business, leisure travel hubs. The company has garnered immense support in the form of investments from the members of the Saudi royal family and hip-hop icon and entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. The staggering progress made by the company attracted various new investors.Abu Dhabi-based equity fund, JetEdge (the global private aviation company that operates fleets of large-cabin jets), KZ Capital in London, a Qatar-based private equity fund, are just to name a few.

As a part of its expansion plan for building its marketplace for private jet services, JetSmarterraised $105 million in Series C funding, at a $1.5 billion pre-money valuation. The massive funding was to be primarily used for its expansion in Asia and Latin America.

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