iPhone 8- A Worth purchase?

Ever since the release of iPhone 8 and 8 plus which was due on 17 of September, there is a lot of buzzes in the market about the phone, its features, and shortcomings. No doubt Apple Inc. demands no introduction. It is the leading brand of the world so we witness mixed reactions among people. For some iPhone 8 offers some amazing features like never before, whereas some find it not up to the mark.

So what’s new iPhone 8 and 8 plus are offering to its customers? And what makes it worth spending so much money? In order to get an answer to these questions let have a detailed analysis of iPhone 8. Firstly, the phone is in two storage capacities 64 GB and 256 GB so obviously the price varies accordingly. With high-quality display a glass body, this beauty is for sure love at first sight. Furthermore, the powerful speakers are louder than before, thus creating a theatre experience with a good quality hands-free as well.

Discoursing design, iPhone is made up of complete glass and metal body. Its glass back enables wireless charging. Available in three appealing colors very, gold and silver, the manufacturers claim iPhone 8 to be the most durable glass and water-resistant body. Furthermore, it’s 4.7 inches large display while 8plus in 5.5 inches display makes watching videos a fun experience. According to the company, iPhone’s new devices have retina scan and improved touch ID installed within, moreover the oleophobic coating on the back aids in the easy cleaning of stains or fingerprints on the back.

iPhone is better known for its HD pictures, therefore keeping up with the people’s expectations iPhone 8 and 8plus features improved 12-megapixel front and 7 megapixel back camera. Its meliorated sensors enable fast clicking. The broad angle camera and deeper pixel make it a must buy for all the photography lovers. With new iPhone 8 and 8 plus bid goodbye to the professional camera because its portrait feature helps you add studio light effect to the pictures capturing. Besides a camera, the Apple devices consist of the unique characteristics of wireless charging. The glass back permits wireless and super-fast charging of the device for people who are always in a rush. The powerful battery offers a longer battery life than the previous models of iPhone. 12 hours Internet usage, 13 hours of video playing and 12 hours talk time is the witness of the developed battery of iPhone 8. No doubt that Android is using it for a long now but lack of this technology was a big drawback for iPhone users.

For the first time in any smartphone, iPhone installs A11, a laptop-grade processor. The devices have six core CPU, which a big step towards new technology to high performance, while the rest four high-efficiency cores make processing real fast. Another characteristic that distinguishes between iPhone 8 and 8plus is its RAM I.e. 8 consists of 2 GB and 8plus has 3 GB RAM. Thus, it adds on to the high-quality processor.

Finally, talking about the final but crucial part of any mobile phone, it’s IOS. The IOS 11 will be built in the iPhone’s new mobiles. So what’s the highlighting feature of IOS 11 that will help it holds up the position in the market? This Apple’s new versions of IOS will be concentrating on creating a joyous messaging experience. The device features new emoji‚Äôs, stickers, apps, and add-on in the camera. Users can witness all these modifications in IOS 11.

To cut long story short, iPhone 8 impresses us with the same really mesmerizing characteristics. But despite the tiny shortcomings that Apple has like Bluetooth, downloading feature etc. People adore iPhone. Even if it’s a bit overcharged in pricing, there is a lot of demand for iPhone 8. The reason is very simple, Apple is a company producing, durable and quality electronics since years, in my opinion, iPhone 8 is better for the signature Apple quality of virus-free devices and others discussed above. So it is worth a purchase.

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