How to choose the best keywords to Rank your blog

There is no better way to achieve success with your publications on the network than by obtaining great visibility. One of the best ways to get that visibility is to choose the best keywords to rank your blog at the top of the ranking.

There are small details that can make a big difference when we talk about keywords. Choosing the best keywords is important to obtain the best possible results. What is the way we should choose the best keywords? The first thing is to find the keywords that convert the most.

It is the task of the blog editor to choose the best keywords for the articles on his blog. Google and all the search engines in general, use complex patterns and algorithms to offer users what they think we are looking for. However, there are marked tactics that can increase the chances of appearing in the top positions of the search engine ranking. The most important thing is your content and if your content got quality you will get a better position in (Search Engine)to make sure your content is 100% unique you can check your content in plagiarism checker if your content is 100% Original you are ready to Target your keywords.

How to choose the best keywords to Rank your blog

Choose the keywords that best suit your target audience

Are you sure that the keywords you chose fit the needs of the people you want to reach? If you still do not know who your target audience is, you must first perform an analysis to determine it. If not, you can not create a keyword strategy because the keywords are always directed to your audience. Therefore, create a profile as close as possible to your target audience and put the focus on them.

Choose keywords based on what people are really looking for

You can write the best article in the world in terms of content, but it will not work if it does not reflect a real need. To choose the best keywords there are some very valuable tools available. These tools can help you to know what the users of the network are talking about. One of them is SEMrush. A tool used to identify keywords and analyze your competition.

Another great tool is Google Keyword Planner. It helps you choose the best keywords for your blog for free. It is true that is more focused on Adwords advertising campaigns but still, it is a tool that can serve you. There are many more tools to help you find keywords to optimize positioning.

Always bear in mind that it is necessary to be attentive to trends, as they constantly change. What is significant today or now, does not have to be tomorrow. To choose the best keywords always check that what you are going to write is still relevant at that time.

Check the 10 best articles that already use the keywords you want

There are times that in addition to conducting a study of the keywords that are being used at that time, it is advisable to make an analysis of what is being written about it. To choose the best keywords pay attention to articles that are well classified.

  • What keywords do you use?
  • How often?
  • Are they services, products or information?
  • How do you distribute the information?
  • Is there something that catches your attention?
  • What tone do they use?

Doing this study can give you clues about the quality of content that is being offered to users. You can also get an idea of what kind of content you are competing with. This can allow you to offer a new vision on the subject so as not to saturate the users and to position yourself more easily.

The quality of the results of that search also says a lot about the quality of the articles. If you discover that among the first 10 results there are very poor articles or are simply spam, it is very likely that you have a very high ranking with those keywords.

However, if there is already well-positioned and relevant content for users, you have to be very sure that you can also get to the top of the search results. But change the subject or approach or you will never get enough visits.

If you do not write what people want to read, how do you intend to position yourself? Nobody will look for what you have written because they are not interested. And then, you will never appear in the search engine results.

Be specific

If you use specific keywords and adjust them to what you are writing, you are much more likely to get a higher ranking in the search engines. The clearer you are, the more likely it is that they will find you and rank you well in the search engine ranking. Use long tail keywords.

Every time a customer uses a very specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are really going to buy. In these cases, it is more likely that these very specific searches will turn into sales.

However, generic searches are more oriented towards a research search that consumers usually do before making the purchase decision. Therefore, if you focus on something more concrete you will have more opportunities to get traffic.

5 tips to use well the chosen keywords

One of the main sources of traffic to your blog will be search engines, especially Google. You can increase the traffic that reaches your posts from the search engines by implementing some small tips in the design and content of your blog.

Use keywords in the title of your blog post

One of the best ways to incorporate keywords in the publications of your blog is to use them in the titles of the posts. Use the keywords in the title and in the first and last paragraph. The titles are very important for SEO.

Using the main keywords will help increase the chances of appearing in the main results of the search engines. But it will also help to have a clear idea of the subject you are talking about.

However, it is important to enter keywords naturally. You should not make the keywords sound strange in the text. You must use the keyword as a key to drive the click of your readers.

Bet on only one or two key phrases in each blog post

To maximize the traffic that reaches your blog through the search engines, you must optimize each of your blog posts for only one or two key phrases. Too many phrases with keywords dilute the content of your publication for and may seem spam for both readers and search engines.

In addition to sounding very repetitive you will make the reader not find meaning to your content. This varies a lot depending on the words of your blog. Anyway, it’s common sense. Do not make it look like you’re entering the keywords with shoehorn.

Use keywords in and around the links in your publications

Search engine optimization experts believe that search engines give more weight to linked text than to unlinked text when it comes to ranking search engine results.

Therefore, it is key to enter keywords in or next to the links within the posts of your blog when relevant. And if you also have more related posts you will create a good linkbuilding strategy, key to the SEO of your blog.

Use keywords in the image Alt-tags

When you upload an image to the blog to use in a post, you usually have the option to add alternative text for that image. That alternative text appears when a visitor can not upload or view your images in their web browser.

However, although it is not its main function, this alternative text can also help in the optimization of your content. Alternative text appears within the HTML of the content of the publication as an Alt tag.

This assumes that search engine spiders crawl that tag and use it to provide results for keyword searches. So add relevant keywords to the images you post to be published on the Alt tag.

Don’t forget to share your content

When you write a publication it is important that you share it on social networks and other platforms that you consider relevant. This will help improve your positioning and increase your visibility.

Choosing the best keywords is part of a good SEO strategy. Within digital marketing strategies, SEO is essential to increase your notoriety and visibility. Therefore, in addition to working on keywords it is also important to carry out other strategies.

Social networks, among other things, are key. You must reuse your content as many times as you can. Adapt to each platform your messages and publish in the networks where your users are.

In addition, you can support your strategy with the Coobis content marketing platform. It is a platform that unites publishers with brands. In this way, your message will also have greater credibility. Influencers are key in today’s strategies. If you use influential users in networks you will gain the trust of your users. You dare?

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