LED screens are at the forefront of the new world. They are the best way to make sure that whatever message you need broadcasted is spread amoung the people without any additional hassle. They are the best way to spread information for a number of reasons; they are impervious to weather changes, auto brightness features, cost effective, environmentally efficient and can be customized in any size needed as can be seen on Bibiled.




The most important aspect of using an LED screen is to know where to place it. You have to be careful of exact way you place so as to gauge customer stimulation. It would not do to hide the screen behind other things or have it dwarfed against other better placed or flashy products. The LED screen needs to have a prime position so as to have the most effect, while also keeping in mind the area where it is being situated.


The second most important aspect of the use of an LED screen is its design. You have to make sure that the message or the image you are portraying to the public via the screen is brief yet fully encompasses the point of the product or service. The design should fully reflect the product, service or message that is being broadcasted amoung the people. You must keep in mind to not make it overtly flashy. The best way to reach the hearts of the people is to make it fun to look at.


The brightness of the screen should be controlled according to the amount of light in the screens environment. Although nowadays most LED screen come with an auto-brightness feature, it is still the mark of a good marketer to make sure that screen is not so bright or so dull that rather than attracting attention, it gains no attention at all.


The size of the LED screen should also be taken into account. The LED screen should not be so be too small or too big. If you need the LED screen to function as a poster you should customize it along that size and place it aptly. If the screen is to be placed outdoors in front of a building then it should be wide enough to encompass at least half the wall so as to attract the most attention.

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