Some of the Awesome Gmail features you didn’t know about

It is very difficult to find a person that doesn’t have an e-mail because e-mail is necessary to register at different sites and social networks. Moreover, e-mail messaging is considered very strange today because the majority of people prefer various messengers to chat with each other. However, e-mails are still necessary to send official letters and documents that should be protected. Therefore, there is no good alternative to them, and decided to tell about some secret features of Gmail.

Useful Gmail Opportunities Hidden from You

There are a great number of different email clients in the world. However, even the best of them may be proud of a big audience. For example, Gmail is at the second place in the world on popularity among customers. Although ordinary users prefer to spend some time in their mail boxes every day, many of them don’t know about some opportunities of Gmail, which is considered one of the most popular mail delivery agents all over the world. Here are some of them:

Push messages for comfortable work.

Gmail app installed on any cell phone has a function of push messages. Just try to set it so that you can receive them immediately after a new letter has come. You will see that it is very comfortable to use Gmail even on your mobile phone! With the help of push messages function, it would be very difficult for you to lose a particular letter.

Unsend your message.

Gmail has a unique opportunity to unsend a message. If you want to try this feature, go to “Settings” and find “Enable Undo Send” function. Then, you may choose the duration of the cancellation period. It may last for 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. However, you cannot take a message back after it was over.

Use different colors to point out important messages.

Although many people know about this option, some of them don’t know that it is possible to change the colors of these stars. In “Settings” menu the following colors are available: green, orange, red, blue, and purple. Choose a color to change an ordinary golden one. Moreover, it is possible to use several different colors and icons at the same time to find all needed letters quickly.

Add another account if you have it.

If you have another mailbox, you may also add it to your Gmail account to manage. In this case, it is possible to combine several different accounts in one app. Certainly, it is very comfortable for users who have different e-mails.

Use “Fast replies” function.

One of nicest Gmail opportunities is called “Smart Replies.” This function can be switched on in the “Settings” as well. These three replies are formulated with the help of modern technology which remembers what you had already written.

Hide useless folders.

Everybody knows that Gmail sorts all messages in “Inbox” folders into such categories as “Social,” “Promotions,” “Updates,” “Forums,” etc. However, if you don’t use them and it seems to you that they need too much space, you may just hide them.  

Learn shortcuts to manage Gmail.

A shortcut is a combination of two or three keys which can help you to take some actions quickly. As well as Microsoft Office, Gmail has its own shortcuts. Therefore, if you use Gmail from your personal computer, it may be better for you to use them for managing your Gmail account. The entire list of shortcuts for Gmail is available in “Settings” in “Keyboard Shortcuts” section.

Block irritating users.

As well as various messengers and social networks, Gmail has a block function. It is possible to add a user to your block list with the help of the following actions: open the letter received from this user, find a down arrow next to the reply button, and choose “Block.” That’s all!

Dark mode.

Gmail differs from other clients with the opportunity to choose the background and mode. You may choose background in a special gallery with different patterns and samples, or download your own image for this purpose. In addition, dark mode is also available. This simple detail may help you to relax your eyes if you read your emails at evenings without light. Therefore, make your Gmail look whatever you want and it will be more comfortable for you to receive different letters in it!

The access to the Internet has changed our lives completely, and now it is important to learn how to use all opportunities of Internet and different e-mail clients to make them ever more comfortable for everyday using. In this case, communication with the help of e-mail will become much easier and quicker. However, all you should do is just take some time to practice.

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