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I am Kabir Mathur, and I own a catering service business in Bengaluru. I have been struggling with my business for the past two years.

Thinking that quality speaks for itself, I have tried my hardest to provide quality service. Whether it be the delivery, preparation or presentation of food for clients, I have moved heaven and earth to ensure the best service for my clients.

However, I have still been struggling with acquiring leads as well as converting these leads into business. This is when I found out about the need for proper and effective digital marketing strategy.

My experience in outsourcing leads from a third party has usually been abysmal and satisfactory at its best. I have had numerous instances where the leads provided were duplicates and of dubious quality.

With the onset of the 21st century and the emerging need for digital marketing; I have partnered with Dial Jordan in an attempt to improve my lead generation as well as lead conversion. I was pleasantly surprised by the services that Dial Jordan has provided.

I have had an increase in my brand visibility as well as a significant online presence. I have garnered online leads through Dial Jordan and with Dial Jordan’s revolutionary platform, I have converted most of these leads into business. I am delighted with Dial Jordan and happier with my decision to partner with Dial Jordan.

Dial Jordan is an innovation by ‘RitsWorld,’ a business consulting firm. Dial Jordan provides a platform for consumers to find a locally based listing of verified business. In this process, Dial Jordan acquires OTP verified exclusive leads that have a high percentage of conversions. These leads are further organic in nature and as a result, induce a gradual increase in consumers rather than artificial boosting via paid links/posts.

After registering my business with Dial Jordan, I had access to their Merchant Console. I could change account details such as the name and the contact person for my business. I could also improve the organization details and provide an updated address, as well as provide extra information such as my business website URL, contact emails and phone numbers. With access to the Merchant Console, I could offer and change listing details and all the details mentioned above whenever I wanted to. I can also manage my review section such that I could give replies to my customer feedbacks to better ensure the future continuation of transactions.

I could further define my target market and keywords to control lead relevance. Furthermore, I have the option to communicate with lead prospects directly through Dial Jordan’s microsite. I have found that this enables me to connect with my perspective leads and convert them into business directly.

Since my collaboration with Dial Jordan, I have recorded an increasing number of enquiries about my service as well as a higher conversion rate for these leads. I have had various opportunities to chat with prospective consumers.


I have had various opportunities to assess where I stand as a business owner as well as realize avenues to improve to garner the leads that got away. This has enabled me to understand better the reason why prospective leads would decide to opt out of service from my business. And this, in turn, has opened me up to a new level of changes and amendments that I can do as a business owner, to increase my brand visibility and engagement.

Based on my experience of working with Dial Jordan and other online listing websites, I have found the answer to be straightforward. Unlike other online listing services, Dial Jordan genuinely cares for you as a business owner. They go by the motto that, ‘you grow, we grow.’ I would highly recommend all business owners that need an uplift to collaborate with Dial Jordan and enjoy the benefits that follow.

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