FIFA 18 Trailer Release is Just a Matter of Time

The world of video games is waiting for the launch of a number of new releases as we come close the end of the first half of the year 2017. And as we draw nearer to the E3 2017, the expectations are on the rise. And one of the games which is in the list of the much-awaited ones, we have the FIFA 18. There have been lots of rumors and updates going on around in the market regarding the new inclusions that are going to be made in the upcoming, but there is nothing official on that. However, the latest update which has popped up will certainly make the fans go crazy.

It has been not long that we got the news that the game will be up for pre-order in the month of June. But that one was a rumor, and it is not yet sure whether the rumor will turn out to be true or not. However, one thing’s for sure, and that is the trailer for the game Fifa 18 is knocking on the door. The official Twitter handle of EA Sports which reveals all the latest official update regarding what’s coming up surrounding FIFA 18 has stated that they will provide a glimpse of the first look of the game. Hence, the fans are expecting that the trailer of the game is also going to be released tonight.

Certainly, that comes as great news for all the fans who have been waiting for quite a long while now to get an update on how things are developing surrounding the game FIFA 18. But other than that there are also reports that a number of new things are going to be introduced. It has been a popular rumor that Indian Super League is going to make an appearance in the world of FIFA in the upcoming edition of the game. And now further reports have revealed that it is going to be Atletico Kolkata who will be rated as the best team in the tournament. So that is a great update as far as the gamers in India are concerned.

Now shifting our focus from what the latest rumors have stated, we take a look at what the gamers are looking forward to in the game FIFA 18. And there is a huge wishlist about which we can talk about. But one of the basic things that the gamers are looking forward to is an upgrade to the graphics in the game. Despite the arrival of the Frostbite engine in FIFA 17, there have been quite a few glitches which have been spotted and hence, the gamers are looking forward to a better graphics in FIFA 18.

Other than the graphics of the game, the artificial intelligence of the game is also expected to be upgraded. There are lots of instances which have been recorded in the latest available version of the game in the FIFA series which hint at an improper working of the artificial intelligence. Hence an upgrade in that sector is also one of the expected things.

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