What Can We Expect From NBA 2K18


Fans can’t wait for NBA 2K18, and for you, we have put together this article where we will discuss what we can expect from this game.

Ever since NBA 2K18 Game was announced, rumors have been running high as to when the highly anticipated game sequel NBA 2K18. The great news is that the wait might just be over as the NBA 2K18 launch date has been known and it is likely to get a release this fall with the date being set on September 19 this year. So, it looks like the release is just a couple of months away from now.

Update- As we know that every year NBA releases its new update, they are preparing same in the next year 2k19 too. The initial release date of NBA 2K19 is September 7th, 2018. If you want more updates, stay tuned with us.

NBA 2K18 is considered to be one of the most popular virtual basketball game series ever. The last three editions got a release on October 7 (“NBA 2K15”), September 29 (“NBA 2K16”) and September 20 (“NBA 2K17”). Surprisingly, all the above mentioned dates fell on a Tuesday, and, as September 19 falls on a Tuesday this year, it is expected that the “NBA 2K18” will be launched on the said date, not only for Nintendo but to other things as well. Two of the best features from editions past – MyPLAYER, (which enables gamers to develop their own narrative) and MyTEAM (which gives the members the power to safely choose the players of their squad) – will still be there in the current edition.

Presently, the details of the game on Nintendo’s official website, “NBA 2K18 will carry forward the series’ tradition as ‘the gold standard of basketball simulation’ (Sports Gamers Online) with unmatched realism and true NBA gameplay.” It is expected that the elements of this iteration will exceed in leaps and bounds than the previous versions.

First released in 1999, NBA 2K is a series of basketball simulation video games. Up until now, the game has been released on 18 different platforms. The game is all about reflecting the game of basketball, especially, the National Basketball Association (NBA).

As of February 2017, more than 68 million copies of the game have been sold in the franchise. Since then, the game has seen significant critical and commercial appreciation. Visual Concepts have developed all the games in the franchise. The first 6 editions among the 18 primary editions have been published by Sega before the company before the company being sold to Visual Concepts to Take Two Interactive, creating 2K Sports. Technical issues have marred many of the launches over the years, but it has not fully affected the popularity of the game as a whole.

Elements of the series that have been usually praised include its overall gameplay, presentation, especially its commentary, meticulousness and soundtrack, its abundance of content, and its consistency in terms of yearly releases without any drastic dips in quality. Multiple games in the series have been applauded for being among the best-quality sports games available, especially when compared with other basketball games. NBK16 holds the record of being the fastest-selling title in the series, shipping over four million copies within its first week of release.

That’s pretty much it. Hopefully, we have answered all your queries regarding NBA 2K18 and now you have a clear idea about the game. If you want to stay updated, keep a look at this space for more rumors, speculations, and updates regarding your one and only favorite video game NBA 2K18.

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