Best Online Trading Platforms in India

Best Online Trading Platforms in India

The days when your money used to rest in bank accounts or in different corners of your home is gone. This is the age of earning, saving and investing money to make it grow over time. Today, we are going to talk about the best trading platform in India, which lets you invest and trade in different financial products at ease and help you make more money online.But before we list the best online trading platform in India, we thought of taking you the basics.

What is a Trading Platform?

A trading platform is basically software that allows investors and traders to open, close and manage market positions. You can buy and sell orders for a variety of financial products over one of the best online trading platform in India such as the bitcoin trading India.

Why Online BitcoinsTrading Platforms?

While a greater group of traders still believe in trading with the help of stock broking houses and local brokers, many, especially the young, new age traders are getting online to look for the best Bitcoins trading platform in India. This is because the new age traders want to have control in their own hands. They want to handle their trading operations on their own with good transaction speed and enhanced convenience.

Several trading companies are coming up with high speed to help traders whose deals move in microseconds, making them the best trading platform in India.

The best Online Trading Platform in India

Let’s introduce you to some of the best online trading platform in India, which you can look up to.

NEST – Next Generation Equity Trading System

NEST is of the main trading platforms in India that belongs to Omnesys. It is one platform that is provided by almost all discount brokers in India. This platform offers a lot of customization as per the needs of the traders, along with solid support for day trading. You get decent charting but do not get much support for technical analysis. It is an easy to use trading platform, suitable for beginners.

Zerodha Pi

One of the largest discount brokers, ZerodhaPi comes with great charting capabilities. They also provide the service to write your own trading algorithm but you can only use the algorithm for generating alerts because SEBI doesn’t allow algorithm trading in India.

Trade Engine

Trade Engine is India’s fastest 24/7 real-time bitcoin trading Indian platform. It allows you to calculate the price to buy or sell bitcoins and buy and sell them through highly secure and robust technologies. It is a fast, efficient and easy to understand platform for bitcoin trading India.

India Infoline Trader Terminal (TT)

India Infoline Trader Terminal (TT) is a trading platform developed specifically for Indian traders. It offers real timeaccurate market watch rate updates. This trading platform in India has been designed for better performance with an easy to use interface, fast execution and secured authentication. India Infoline provides decent charting facility and is easy to use for beginners.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger

It is one of the widely used online trading platforms in India. It has various ultimate features making it the best online trading platform in India. You just need to install this application on your device. Some of its excellent features are as follows:

  • You can do multiple exchange from this single trading platform like mutual funds, MCX, IPOs, BSE & NSE, NCDEX, etc.
  • The application has both span calculator and premium calculator.
  • It provides you all the data in a graph which is easier to understand.
  • It has a unique feature of multiple market watch and user defined alert settings.


Amibroker is another widely available trading platform in India. This platform is more inclined and focused towards doing technical analysis than it is towards trading. In order to use the technical analysis services of Amibroker, you need to take its data subscription and then link it to Amibroker. Many companies provide this data for EOD but in case you want it on per minute or per second basis, you’ll have to pay for it. Amibroker brings you lots of technical analysis tools that can easily be integrated with your brokerage account and then you can trade directly using this. It comes with medium level ease of use but with great technical analysis properties.


Metastock is a global trading platform that has been recently made available in India using the Viratech Software. Being a global leader in the industry of trading platforms, Metastock comes with unmatched technical and charting functionality. In order toutilise the Metastock trading platform in India, you will also need to buy a Thomson Reuters DataLink subscription.

Metastock comes in the list of expensive trading platforms, which is mostly used by professional traders, who know are technically sound and make the most out of all technical analysis intricacies by understanding them to the core. This is more apt option for professionals.


Upstox is a shared trading platform online that comes with low brokerage One of India’s leading discount broker, Upstox offers equity trading, derivatives trading, futures and options trading for faster and smarter trade. Opening an account with Upstox is the easiest way to start trading as this platform is designed to help you get precise, fast market data at unmatched, unbeatable prices.


Fyers is an online stock broker with the best trading platform in India. With Fyers you can save up to 95% brokerage costs and indulge in thematic investing. Fyers is one of the best trading platforms in India that offers free charting, and comes with technical and fundamental screeners. You also get an option chain for open interest analysis. Fyers comes with a range of other features too such as 65+ indicators for technical analysis.

The Last Words

These are the 9 most used and recommended trading platforms in India that are used by both traders and investors alike. Do try using any of these best trading platforms in India. You may store your BTC in bitcoin wallets.

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