Best News Apps of 2018

Best News Apps of 2018

It is hard to imagine a day without the news that keeps us updated on the things happening in the world. Our day starts with the intake of the proper information from every corner of the world and then these steps become ready to make out a difference. We can hardly think of a single day without going to the excursion.
Today Internet has changed the aspects of our life. The way we do the things everything it has allowed us to do in an advanced manner. It has also shifted our attention from the newspaper towards the mind-blowing apps that have got a plenty of things for us. Here we will be discussing the best short news app that has changed our life.

So, let’s have a look.


Going on with the list here is the one for you. The app works in a similar manner as Feedly. It has got some premade topics for the user and so you don’t have to scratch your head to dig information for that particular one. It also supports offline reading and the complete track record of the sort of things you are reading. The app is free to use and you can easily download it from Play Store.

Download here INOREADER



Podcast means the digital audio file available on the Internet generally in series. The app has also a numerous collection of podcasts along with RSS reader. With this numerous collection, you can easily subscribe to any of the news channels. The app even supports YouTube and Twitch channels.




Inkl grabs information from its long lying roots and present it before the user in a much more simpler and attractive manner. Well in the world of fake news Inkl promises to deliver the correct and the right information from every corner of the world. It is completely ad-free and from whatever source, it is collecting the information, the logo is automatically displayed on the top of the front page.

Download here INKL



Awesummly is now one of the most popular short news apps. With its remarkable features, today this app is on the heights. It uses its long root to wring out the information and then present it to the user in five to six sentences. It also features offline reading, online sharing of the content and audio hearing. Truly this app has revolutionized the app market.

Read short news on the website.

Download here Short news app



It wrings out information from all around the world and then presents it on its website. What most attracts the user is the accessibility to the live video, it made possible for the world. Whatever the new contents it published on its website subsequently it makes a video for that to attract a maximum of the stare.

Download here CNN



Are you running out of time to grab the complete information from all around the world? Well, here is this app that will not only saves your times but also give you the complete information of the world. It makes you stay updated with the headlines currently inactive. It has bookmarks for the later reading of the content and also allows you to share the contents with your friends.

Download here NEWSBYTES



This awesome news app let you discover a wide range of topics and depending on your choice of interest, it let you choose the topics. The app also features offline reading and related to the topics it has the videos available for it and because of its awesome features, it is literally considered as the Emperor of World Wide Web.

Download here NEWSSTAND


First Post is an Indian news app that is accessible on Android, iPhone and Windows phone. The app is instantly updated with the current articles supported by photos and videos. It also allows offline reading of the content and sharing of the important and the necessary contents. It also allows the user to read the trending contents from the First Blog.

Download here FIRST POST


Well the name suggests, it is one of the popular news apps for Business and politics. Whatever thing you want to know about a particular business, it makes it available for you. It also supports offline reading and online sharing of the contents.



There are so many Android and iOS apps which provide the latest news but not all perform well. I have made this list after testing hundreds of apps. Let me know that which one you are going to use. Also, if you want to suggest something about this article, do comment on the comment section below.

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