5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

Searching for Best Free VPN for iPhones or iOS Devices? Here we compiled a List of Best Free VPN for iDevices.

What is VPN on iPad or iOS Devices?

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN’s Uses for Creating a Secure Network Connection for you over a Public Network Connection. Or we can say, VPN’s mainly uses for Hiding your IP Address or For Giving a Fake IP Address so no one can locate you. VPN’s may help you by protecting your Data. VPN’s are not only Important for Windows or Android, But It s also important for iOS Users. I Know you are thinking that Why You Need A Very Fast VPN Provider for iOS, Well, You Can Use it for Hiding your Identity and Surfing the Websites that are Blocked in your Country. So, In this Post I am going to Share a List of 5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users, so you can Surf even Blocked Websites too.

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The List of Best free VPN for iPhone or Other iOS Devices, will provide you best Online Security, Helps you to reach any website even if that is blocked in your country. You can use it with Wi-Fi and Mobile Data, VPN’s work with Everything and there are a lot of things that you can do with a VPN.

Along With Vpn’s, There are Emulators which are also Famous for Using Iphone Apps on Windows Pc. Here are best Ios Emulators You Can use to Run iOS Apps on Pc.

Best Free VPN for iPhone and iPad Users

Tons of companies provides VPN access for free, But you can’t use anyone as they can use your data and Share with Others or May Messed it. Getting a free VPN, Especially for iOS can be risky, You must need to do a proper research before choosing a VPN for your iOS Devices.

We have checked so many of VPN’s and then Create this list of 5 Best Free VPN for iPhone or iPad Users. All of the VPN listed below has a good reputation, and you don’t have to tense for your Data and Security.

Note: You must need to Enable VPN on your iPhone’s Setting, For this, you can Go to Setting, Find VPN and Tap on it, and then Toggle on to Enable it.


5 Best Free VPN for iPhone and Other iOS Devices

So, Below is the List of Best free VPN for iOS Devices or iDevices. I also Added method to install and Use it. 🙂

VPN By SurfEasy

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

Well, This is one of the Best VPN for All the iPhone and iOS Devices. It provides you so many countries to change your location for free, It also has an Option of Connecting by Default, So it can connect to the Fastest server. Firstly It provides you the 250 MB of Data to surf. After completing the Limit of 250 MB, You need to complete an Easy task to Increase it, You can Also buy It’s premium version so you’ll not ever get the problem of Limited Usage. This is one of the Best VPN, I personally Suggest for Every iPhone or iOS Users.

SurfEasy VPN
SurfEasy VPN
Developer: SurfEasy
Price: Free+

How to SetUp the VPN

  • Click Here to Download the VPN and Install it on your iOS Device.
  • Select the Country, from the Top Menu of the Application.
  • Now Tap on the Green Button, On your Screen. And You are all done. 🙂


Opera Free VPN

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

Everyone knows that Opera is a famous Browser but Few of Us knows that Opera also provides free VPN Services for iOS Devices. The Sad part of this VPN is it only provides you to switch Location to 5 Countries, The Countries are Canada, Singapore, USA, Germany and Netherland. The Good thing is it is working to provide more locations, So we hope it’ll start soon. For Trust issues, Opera is a Brand so we can trust on it’s security.

The VPN will automatically connect you to the nearest location to provide you fastest and Stable Network. It will also help you in accessing Blocked Sites.

Opera VPN
Opera VPN
Developer: OSL Network
Price: Free+

How to Setup this VPN

  • Download and Install VPN from Above Link, And Launch It.
  • Click on Continue, and Then Allow the App for giving Permission.
  • Tap on Turn on Button and Select the Country you want to use for showing your Location.

That’s it, In next 5-10 Second It’ll connect you to the Country, and Will hide your Location 🙂


BetterNent VPN

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users: Must Check

One of the Easiest VPN, You just Need to Install, Open and Connect to the Default Location. The Bad Part of this VPN is that you need to Use the Premium Version for Changing Location to your Desired Location. Its Premium version Allows you to Connect with the Seven Different Cities of USA, Is that is not good?

It provide you to access almost every Blocked Website with the 0% Dropping Chances. It Includes the Location of 7 Different Countries, Those Countries includes- United Kingdom, Netherland, France, Japan, Honk-Kong, Germany, Canada and Australia. Investing in it’s Paid Version is good because of It’s Accuracy and 0% Drop out Chances. This is one of the Best Free VPN for iPhone or iOS Users because of it’s accuracy.

How To Install this VPN

  • Download and Install App from Above Link, And Launch It.
  • Go To Setting, Then Tap on VPN and Select Betternet VPN.
  • Now go to the App, and Tap on Skip and Connect and It’ll take some time and Connect you over Server.

Note: If you want to Change Location in it, You Must Need to Upgrade to Premium Version. 🙂


TunnelBear VPN

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users: Must Check

TunnelBear is one of the Best and Famous VPN Among Windows, Android, and iOS Users. The iOS VPN can connect you to so many countries including Canada, Japan, and the USA. For Free Users, it Gives 500 MB Usage per Month, and for Premium Users it is 1GB per Month. This is an Easy, Simple and Best App for iTunes Users.

TunnelBear VPN & Wifi Proxy
TunnelBear VPN & Wifi Proxy

How To Set Up

  • Download and Install it from Link Above, and Open the App.
  • From Down of your Screen, Select Country and Tap on the ON Button to Connect.

That’s it. It’ll take few seconds to connect you to that location.


VPN in Touch

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

5 Best Free VPN for iPhone Users : Must Check

Well, This is the Last VPN in Our List. For Using this VPN you must need to Create an Account on their Server. The First Time you’ll open this App, It’ll ask you for Creating an Account. The Sign Up process is extremely Easy, You can Easily Make an Account there. This VPN will provide you 1 Week of Premium Access, And After that you Need to Extend your Subscription By Paying them. The App is really Worth to Buy, I will personally Suggest you to Use this one and I am Sure You’ll Love it. 🙂

VPN in Touch
VPN in Touch
Developer: BetterNet LLC
Price: Free+

How to Set Up

  • Download and Install the VPN from Above Link and Launch the App.
  • After Launching, It’ll Ask for Registration, make an Account there.
  • Now Go To the App, Select the Location and Connect.

That’s it, and It is the End of List As Well.


Last Words

There is the variety of free VPN’s Available for An iPhone Users, But Not all are trustworthy. I Created this list is for Helping you to Get Best One Because the Security of Your Device Also Matters. I Have Also Added Download Link which will directly Redirect you to the iTunes, So you can Download it Directly. I personally Recommend to Use Opera Browser if you don’t want to Use a Premium one, And If you are thinking to Invest on A VPN then go with BetterNet VPN.

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Maybe, You’ll Face some Issues of Advertisements in Free VPN’s, and The Speed will be slow, Whenever you use a VPN. Doesn’t Matter it’ll be free or Paid. If you have any other VPN that I forgot to Add in List, Must Suggest on Comment Section Below. Share it with your Friends too.

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