Best Features of iOS 11

Must Check: Some Useful Features Added in iOS 11

As we all know that iOS 11 was announced to launch on the WWDC 17 held back some days, iOS 11 is not yet completely released, but it is released in the beta version for the users who want to create Applications for iOS 11. Apple has made so many announcements related to its features but here we are with the Best Features of iOS 11.

Apple’s presentation on the stage at WWDC 17 had proved that Apple had put up serious hands in improving their tech Hardware and software, but the importance should be placed on those things which were seemed to be ignored in the previous iOS versions.

Apple While opening WWDC Keynote showed some important improvements and some features improvements, but Apple did not have much time to Show off all the updates and upgrades made in iOS 11.

Some Useful Features Added in iOS 11

The most important iOS 11 update which caught the eyes was of Storage Management upgrade. most of the users are tired with the Low Storage of iCloud, and they don’t get any reliable way to free their space up.

So, This is a great facility for those users who can’t afford the iCloud Data upgrade plan but still want to use Apple products. This Storage Management Facility has helped the people to Free up their space quickly by just knowing each file on your Apple product occupying space. The new Storage Management system in the iOS 11 just resembles the iTunes graphical view in which it shows.

How much Space is consumed by the Photos, Music, Messages, and Applications, This Graphical view has helped the Apple users to manage their storage much easier than before.

The new Storage Management System of the iOS 11 also has a Great feature of Space freeing recommendation, It suggests you delete the old, i.e., 12-month-old.

It also suggests removing the unused Applications when the Storage is Critically low, It helps you in various ways by its Intelligent technology of Showing up you the better information you need to see.

Best Features of iOS 11

iOS 11 provides many other features which were a part of the iOS 10 Jailbreak, which includes the following:

-Screen Recording

-Drag and DropMulti Icon Moving

-Multi Icon MovingControl Panel Customizable

-Control Panel CustomizableCellular Data Toggling option in Control Center

-Cellular Data Toggling option in Control Center

Let’s get some brief view on these features: So, Let’s get started with the first feature we have which is,

Screen Recording:

Screen recording was the most used Cydia tweak for Jailbreak because screen recording is the most used thing for a smartphone nowadays because everyone is crazed to make Tutorial, Pokemon GO Gameplay YouTube channels and want to earn some money through it which is an entirely different topic and if I start to write about it I will get off-topic.

So, let’s just Say it is a Great addition to the iOS 11 as Screen recording was the most needed tool for iPhone.

Drag and Drop:

It is the most attractive feature which Apple introduced at the WWDC 17, This feature allows you to drag images, videos and drop it into other applications just like Dragging a Facebook video and Dropping it to Instagram.Sharing will be made so easy with this Feature as many of the people try to download the content and then share it to their WhatsApp groups and Instagram,

Sharing will be made so easy with this Feature as many of the people try to download the content and then share it to their WhatsApp groups and Instagram.

Downloading some videos and images would use your storage, and it would affect your usage on the iPhone or iPad. This feature has saved a load of space for you and now you will be able to share the videos without any worries.

Multi Icon Moving:

This feature allows you to Select multiple icons at the home screen and take them to a new screen like creating a separate page for Games or Social Apps. This is not much helpful, but still, Apple is Contributing its efforts for its Consumers.

Apple should be appreciated for adding features I hope this feature has a broad use in the Future, However it is not going to be much used nowadays.

Control Panel Customizable:

It is also a Feature which was a Cydia Tweak by BigBoss named controlMyCenter, We used Cydia tweaks before to customize our Control Center to add Mobile Data and other icons to it to Access them quickly.

Apple has now added it as a Feature to iOS 11 and can be used in iPad and iPhone too. It is a great feature because getting into settings and enabling Data Connection was frustrating.

As Apple is not much appreciated for this Feature because BigBoss first introduced it with his Cydia Tweak. He had the idea to create this feature.

Cellular Data Toggling in Control Center:

As we discussed earlier, It is necessary for the Cellular toggling button to be available in the Control Center, so you don’t need to get frustrated and go into the Settings to enable the Mobile Data. Because when you are on move, and you suddenly want to change yourself from WiFi to Cellular Data its a headache to go into settings and mess up with all that stuff.

This feature has helped to get rid of going into settings every time you need to enable the Cellular Data. Apple is contributing its best by having a look at the Most Popular Cydia Tweaks.

This was a Cydia Tweak introduced and created by BigBoss, Although it was BigBoss’s Idea still Apple can be appreciated for adding it as a standard for the iOS because everyone does not like to JailBreak their iPhone so it had now become available for everyone.


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