10 Apps That Are Perfect For A Rooted Android

10 Apps That Are Perfect For A Rooted Android

The best thing about the Android Operating system is its compatibility with a huge variety of accessories and products, thanks to its open-source features. From waterproof cases to Wireless headphones to high graphics games, to portable chargers, now check out the list of apps that are perfect for a rooted android. Rooting is one of the coolest things to do on Android. However, after applying it, many users are not quite sure what to do next. This question is valid, especially since the first time someone does root in the device is usually motivated by some tutorial found on the internet, as to unlock some specific resource – and that requires superuser powers.

Because of this, it is common for novice users to limit the use of root to a feature or function, without knowing other tools and the various uses for the superuser. While it is possible to modify many aspects of Google’s operating system, doing so manually requires some technical knowledge that, unfortunately, not everyone has.

However, to the overall joy, developers work creating applications to make something complex easy and that would require more knowledge of Linux and Android. And to eliminate questions about what can be done with root, we at Superdownloads have created a selection of apps that you can use with your rooted device.

Below you will find the applications that make it much easier to perform advanced tasks or that would be very laborious if they were done manually. With this, you will have total control over your device to circumvent physical limitations of the device or customize your Robozinho to leave it adapted to your day to day.

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Busybox is a set of Unix utilities, similar to the GNU Core Utility tools, present in most (if not all) existing Linux distributions. These small tools are very important for performing internal tasks on the system, similar to those used via the command terminal on * NIX systems.

It is required by several applications that require root because it allows you to make the necessary changes to OS files, send commands to the kernel or obtain hardware status directly, just to name a few. You have two options for installer applications and both are good. Choose one and install the Busybox toolbox.

Root Explorer

Roor Explorer is a small file manager for root devices and works on Explorer’s Windows templates, Mac OS Finder, or Dolphin and Nautilus (just to name a few) for Linux. With it you explore the files you have in the gadget, usually on the SD card. But this application goes beyond and allows both to navigate through the system files, which are protected, and to make modifications to them.

Root Explorer allows you to navigate systemless-ly in read-only (r / o) mode or mount the file system in read / write (r / w) mode. This choice is useful for avoiding accessors that would cause the OS to break. You can also change the permissions and even the users of the files. In addition, it has cloud or network data manipulation functions and a built-in text viewer.

Root Browser

Root Browser is a file manager that allows you to browse and modify files from the Android system, a feature used on rooted devices. Similar to the above but totally free. In addition, it is easy to use, with no over options and has icons that indicate each feature to facilitate its use.

Root Browser has “double-pane” navigation. To move between them, simply slide your finger to the sides and a bar at the bottom makes it easy to identify which panel you are currently using.The app also has a built-in simple text reader and allows you to edit these files.

Advanced File Shredder

This is an application to protect privacy. It makes it easy to delete mass files that you want to undo.This is not a task that requires superuser powers, however, it allows deletion of files from the system, such as clipboard records, and some devices store for unknown reasons.

The Advanced File Shredder uses an algorithm that implements the US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M specification for information sanitization on storage units of various types. In other words, after being deleted, the files are unrecoverable.


ClockSync is a tool to keep your Android timetable updated. This will prevent numerous problems connecting to services and internet sites due to time difference. Without relying on operators, who sometimes do not update the system clock in daylight saving time changes, this little application is accurate, resource-efficient and suitable for both root and non-root devices.

ClockSync Synchronizes the device’s system clock with Atomic Internet Time via Network Time Protocol (NTP). Useful if the provider does not support NITZ, sends incorrect time or if the device / ROM for different reasons interferes with the time, resulting in large time differences over the week.

WIFI Key Recovery

WIFI Key Recovery is a small and useful application that will help you recover the WiFi passwords that you have already used. It also allows you to back up all of them for later restoration as well as makes it easy to share the keys via QRCode or by showing them on the screen.

The app behaves very well on versions of Android equal to or earlier than 4.2, showing passwords when you need them. However, as of version 4.3, Google introduced encryption in the passwords stored in the “wpa_supplicant.conf”. Thus, WIFI Key Recovery will display the passwords in their encrypted state, ie not readable.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an application that backs up the apps you have installed. In addition, it allows you to save configuration data for these programs. It requires root for both data copying, such as game saves or social networking software logins.

The software also allows scheduling of backup operations, automating the entire process. In addition, with it, you can generate a ZIP package with all the apps and settings for restoration via custom recovery.

App Override

App Override allows you to adjust various settings according to the application you are using, returning to the default state as soon as you close the application or open another application. You create “profiles” for each application and the desired settings such as screen rotation lock, turn on or off WiFi or GPS, change font size among others.

After you configure and enable App Override, whenever you open an application that has created a profile, any modifications you want will be automatically applied and will return to their original state when the application is closed.

Root app delete

Root app delete satisfies the primary requirement of users rooting their android i.e. Blocking all the bloatware. They aid in managing the system’s apps. Root app delete can eliminate or freeze the unwanted apps to free device resources.


Every smartphone user finds it tough to manage the storage on their devices. Since all the mobiles have built-in storage, on the contrary, they need extra storages for their apps and memorable data. FolderMount allows users to transfer all the apps on the storage card, which normally cannot move their data on the card.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is an outstanding app which is currently available for the rooted android smartphone. With using this awesome app, you can patch any premium software easily. Even, you can remove the ads from any app too.

Lucky patcher apk contains so many other premium features and you can use that if you are using a rooted smartphone.

Last Words-

So, this was my list of best apps for the rooted android smartphone. If you have recently rooted your android smartphone then you can use these apps without any issue.

Hope this article was helpful for you. if you have any queries, please share with us in the comment section below. I will be glad to help you.

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